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The TouchPoint Assessment Portfolio has been designed to complement and work with existing homegrown and external solutions. Our assessments and services are informed by extensive research and can help to improve teaching and learning at your institution.

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Advancing quality and equity in education

For more than 70 years, ETS has been committed to advancing education by enabling opportunity for all learners. Through research, innovation and a commitment to high-quality assessment design, ETS helps to improve learning for all.

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By choosing a combination of assessments that most closely align with your institution’s and program’s unique goals, the TouchPoint Assessment Portfolio enables you to measure the skills that matter to you – so you can understand your programs’ impact on student learning and student success.

Identify resources that will help you overcome challenges and meet your institution’s mission and goals with this simple tool.

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With a suite of tools that span the entire student experience, the TouchPoint Assessment Portfolio gives you the tools to maximize institutional performance and make meaningful improvements.

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