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To find the assessment suite that corresponds to your students’ experiences, please select ‘4-Year Model’ or ‘2-Year Model.’

These models are just two examples of how an institution may use the TouchPoint Assessment Portfolio. Contact an ETS advisor to learn how you can customise your solution


Gather critical information for supporting initiatives to improve student success and retention rates. Instant feedback reports let you create practical action plans tailored to each student.

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HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite

This assessment suite allows you to measure the student learning outcomes that are most important to your institution, and examine the impact of your curricular and co-curricular programs on student learning.

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ETS® Proficiency Profile

Assess core academic skills with one assessment. Use this assessment to evaluate your general education program’s effectiveness, benchmark performance and meet accreditation requirements.

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ETS® Major Field Tests

Assess the impact of your curriculum with innovative undergraduate and MBA outcomes assessments designed to measure students’ basic knowledge and understanding in a major field of study.

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SIR II Survey

Capture students’ perceptions of their course experiences. SIR II survey results allow you to assess instruction quality, reward teaching excellence and compare results to peer institutions nationwide.

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ETS® Assessment Insights Workshops

Gain command of the best practices in assessing student learning outcomes and create effective assessment processes for your institution. Leverage these workshops to build assessment expertise at your institution.

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Advance and enhance your assessment program

The TouchPoint Assessment Portfolio has been designed to complement and work with existing homegrown and external solutions. Our assessments and services are informed by extensive research and help to improve teaching and learning at your institution.

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Advancing quality and equity in education

For more than 70 years, ETS has been committed to advancing education by enabling opportunity for all learners. Through research, innovation and a commitment to high-quality assessment design, ETS helps to improve learning for all.

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